Magnet Fishing In California

Magnet fishing often falls within a legal gray area in California, as it involves searching for items in bodies of water using a strong magnet. Regulations and local laws may vary, so it’s crucial to be aware of any restrictions or permits required by the specific area where you plan to engage in magnet fishing.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, consider checking with local authorities, such as the California Department of Fish and Wildlife or contacting local law enforcement agencies. They should be able to provide information on any relevant regulations or restrictions related to magnet fishing in California.


Best Places to Magnet Fish in California

San Francisco Bay:

The iconic San Francisco Bay, surrounded by the stunning cityscape and landmarks, offers magnet fishing enthusiasts a diverse array of locations to explore. Along the bay’s shores and around bustling piers, enthusiasts can cast their magnets into the waters, unveiling potential relics that may offer glimpses into the bay’s maritime history. Against the backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city’s skyline, magnet fishing becomes a unique blend of urban exploration and aquatic discovery.

Los Angeles River:

The Los Angeles River, though often associated with urban landscapes, unfolds as a magnet fishing haven within the city. As it winds through parks and urban areas, enthusiasts can seek potential spots near accessible points, parks, and urban riverbanks. The juxtaposition of city life and the quest for submerged treasures adds an intriguing dimension to magnet fishing along the Los Angeles River.

Lake Tahoe:

Nestled amidst the Sierra Nevada, the crystal-clear waters of Lake Tahoe provide an enchanting setting for magnet fishing. Exploring designated fishing spots, docks, and the pristine areas along the lake’s edge, enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of one of California’s most iconic lakes while uncovering hidden artifacts beneath the surface.

Sacramento River:

Flowing through the heart of the state capital, the Sacramento River offers magnet fishing possibilities in a dynamic urban environment. Enthusiasts can explore spots near parks, bridges, and public access points, delving into the river’s depths to potentially discover remnants of California’s rich history along its shores.

Huntington Beach Pier:

The Huntington Beach Pier, extending gracefully into the Pacific Ocean, presents magnet fishing enthusiasts with a unique coastal experience. Fishing around the pier and along the sandy shores nearby provides an opportunity to uncover artifacts while enjoying the salty breeze and panoramic views of the Pacific.

Monterey Bay:

The scenic beauty of Monterey Bay, nestled along California’s central coast, offers magnet fishing enthusiasts a coastal retreat. Exploring around piers, harbors, and popular fishing spots allows for the discovery of hidden treasures against the backdrop of crashing waves and the marine splendor of the bay.

Delta Meadows Park (Antioch):

Delta Meadows Park, situated in Antioch, offers magnet fishing enthusiasts a tranquil environment along the Delta waterways. As enthusiasts explore the park’s fishing areas and accessible points, they become part of the Delta’s rich tapestry, uncovering potential artifacts that tell the story of this unique Northern California ecosystem.

Lake Perris:

Nestled in Riverside County, Lake Perris provides magnet fishing enthusiasts with a reservoir surrounded by scenic landscapes. Fishing around docks, designated areas, and the lake’s shoreline offers the chance to uncover hidden relics, connecting enthusiasts with the history of this Southern California destination.

Marina del Rey:

Marina del Rey, a hub of maritime activity in Los Angeles, invites magnet fishing enthusiasts to explore its urban waterfront. Fishing around docks and accessible areas within the marina provides a distinctive experience where the modernity of the city meets the allure of marine exploration.

Santa Cruz Wharf:

The Santa Cruz Wharf, stretching into the Monterey Bay, is a historic and lively location for magnet fishing. Enthusiasts can explore the wharf’s edges and nearby coastal areas, casting their magnets into the bay’s depths while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of this beachside destination. Amidst the ocean breeze and the sounds of coastal life, magnet fishing at Santa Cruz Wharf offers a blend of maritime history and contemporary coastal charm.


Magnet Fishing Finds in California

Magnet fishing enthusiasts in California have uncovered a fascinating array of items, showcasing the state’s diverse geography and rich historical tapestry.This unique activity has provided a window into the submerged history of California, offering both common and noteworthy finds.

Fishing Gear:

Given California’s abundance of fishing spots, it’s no surprise that magnet fishers frequently retrieve lost fishing gear such as hooks, lures, and knives. These aquatic remnants tell tales of fishing adventures and provide a practical insight into the recreational activities enjoyed by locals.


Various types of coins, some older and even collectible, are commonly discovered during magnet fishing expeditions. The underwater landscape serves as a time capsule, preserving currency from different eras and adding a historical dimension to this outdoor pursuit.

Metal Scraps:

Bits of metal, nails, screws, and other scrap metal are ubiquitous finds, reflecting both human activities and occasional debris from construction projects. Magnet fishers often encounter these remnants, underscoring the impact of industrialization on California’s water bodies.


Lost or discarded bicycles, submerged in water bodies, become intriguing finds for magnet fishers. Unearthing these forgotten two-wheelers not only adds a sense of mystery but also raises questions about their past and the circumstances leading to their submersion.

Vehicle Parts:

From license plates to hubcaps and even car batteries, magnet fishers in California have reported pulling up various vehicle parts. These discoveries offer glimpses into the automotive history of the region and contribute to the diverse array of items hidden beneath the water’s surface.

Historical Artifacts:

Magnet fishing has proven to be a gateway to California’s industrial and mining history, with enthusiasts finding items like old railroad spikes and other remnants. These artifacts connect present-day adventurers with the state’s past, creating a tangible link to bygone eras.


In some instances, magnet fishers have unexpectedly pulled up firearms from California’s waterways. These finds, due to their potential significance in criminal cases, are promptly reported to law enforcement agencies, highlighting the responsibility associated with this recreational pursuit.


Occasionally, safes that have been broken into and discarded find their way into California’s bodies of water. Discovering these safes adds an element of mystery and intrigue to magnet fishing, with some enthusiasts reporting their findings to the relevant authorities.


Rings, necklaces, and other pieces of jewelry have been retrieved, adding a touch of personal history to the underwater landscape. These valuable items, once lost or discarded, find new life as they resurface during magnet fishing adventures in California.

Unusual Metal Objects:

The diversity of finds extends to unusual metal objects, ranging from old signs and vintage tools to even metal sculptures. Each discovery contributes to the narrative of California’s waterways, showcasing the eclectic mix of items waiting to be uncovered.

Legal and Safety Considerations:

As enthusiasts embark on their magnet fishing adventures in California, it is crucial to exercise caution and adhere to local laws and regulations. Some areas, especially those with historical or ecological significance, may have restrictions on magnet fishing. Ensuring that the necessary permissions are obtained and respecting the environment adds to the responsible enjoyment of this exciting outdoor activity. Magnet fishing not only provides a unique way to connect with California’s past but also encourages a mindful exploration of its aquatic wonders.

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