Magnet Fishing In Colorado

Engaging in magnet fishing in Colorado can be a bit unclear in terms of legality, as it involves searching for items in bodies of water using a strong magnet. Local laws and regulations differ, so it’s important to know about any restrictions or permits needed in the specific area where you plan to do magnet fishing.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, consider checking with local authorities like the Colorado Parks and Wildlife or local law enforcement agencies. They should be able to provide details on any relevant regulations or restrictions related to magnet fishing in Colorado.


Best Places to Magnet Fish in Colorado

Cherry Creek Reservoir (Aurora):

Nestled in the city of Aurora, Cherry Creek Reservoir offers a dynamic magnet fishing experience against an urban backdrop. Enthusiasts can explore the shores of the reservoir, fishing docks, and various accessible areas to cast their magnets into the waters. The reservoir, surrounded by parks and recreational spaces, provides a mix of modern and potentially historical finds beneath its surface, creating an intriguing fusion of urban and aquatic exploration.

South Platte River (Denver):

Flowing through the heart of Denver, the South Platte River serves as an urban waterway ripe for magnet fishing adventures. Enthusiasts can explore points along the riverbanks, near parks, and accessible areas, unraveling hidden artifacts that may offer glimpses into the city’s past. The South Platte River, framed by urban architecture and natural beauty, becomes a fascinating canvas for the magnet fishing enthusiast.

Barr Lake State Park (Brighton):

Barr Lake, situated in the tranquil surroundings of Brighton, becomes a magnet fishing haven within Barr Lake State Park. Fishing docks, piers, and designated fishing areas offer enthusiasts a chance to discover submerged relics while immersed in the serene ambiance of the park. The combination of water, wildlife, and potential discoveries enhances the magnet fishing experience at Barr Lake.

Clear Creek (Golden):

Clear Creek, meandering through the charming town of Golden, presents magnet fishing enthusiasts with a blend of historical charm and scenic beauty. Explore the creek’s banks, parks, and popular fishing spots for potential treasures. The clear waters and the backdrop of the canyon enhance the magnet fishing journey along Clear Creek.

Chatfield State Park (Littleton):

Chatfield State Park in Littleton provides a picturesque setting for magnet fishing along the shores of Chatfield Reservoir. Enthusiasts can explore designated fishing spots, fishing docks, and accessible areas, uncovering potential artifacts against the backdrop of the reservoir’s scenic landscapes. The park’s natural beauty adds a touch of serenity to the magnet fishing experience.

Pueblo Reservoir:

Pueblo Reservoir, in southern Colorado, offers enthusiasts a vast expanse of water to explore for magnet fishing. Fishing around piers, boat ramps, and accessible points allows for an immersive experience in this reservoir’s unique southern Colorado setting. The combination of water and open landscapes creates an inviting environment for magnet fishing adventures.

Arkansas River (Salida):

The Arkansas River, winding through the charming town of Salida, unfolds as a magnet fishing destination amidst mountainous landscapes. Enthusiasts can explore the riverbanks, parks, and popular fishing locations, casting their magnets into the clear waters of the Arkansas. The mountain scenery and the river’s flow add a touch of adventure to the magnet fishing experience.

Grand Lake:

Nestled near Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake offers a magnet fishing experience in an alpine setting. Fishing around the lake’s shores, docks, and popular fishing areas allows enthusiasts to uncover potential artifacts against the stunning backdrop of mountainous landscapes. Grand Lake’s natural beauty enhances the allure of magnet fishing in this high-altitude destination.

Sloan’s Lake (Denver):

Sloan’s Lake in Denver provides a convenient and urban magnet fishing location within the city limits. Fishing around the lake’s shoreline and designated areas allows enthusiasts to explore the city’s surroundings while engaging in the quest for hidden treasures beneath the surface. The urban setting adds a unique flavor to the magnet fishing experience at Sloan’s Lake.

Blue Mesa Reservoir (Gunnison):

Blue Mesa Reservoir, the largest body of water in Colorado, offers magnet fishing enthusiasts an expansive canvas for exploration. Fishing around its extensive shoreline, boat ramps, and accessible access points allows for potential discoveries in this high-altitude reservoir. The combination of the vast water expanse and the surrounding landscapes creates a captivating magnet fishing experience at Blue Mesa Reservoir.


Magnet Fishing Finds in Colorado

Fishing Gear:

Just like in many other locations, Colorado’s water bodies hold a bounty of lost fishing gear – hooks, lures, and sinkers. These common discoveries tell tales of fishing excursions and provide insight into the recreational activities enjoyed by locals against the backdrop of Colorado’s stunning landscapes.

Outdoor Equipment:

Given Colorado’s reputation as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, magnet fishers occasionally stumble upon items such as camping gear and climbing equipment. These finds serve as reminders of the state’s popularity for outdoor activities and the diverse range of equipment used by adventure seekers.

Coins and Metal Tokens:

The underwater landscape in Colorado often yields loose change, along with historical coins and tokens. Each coin retrieved serves as a small piece of the state’s financial history, offering a tangible connection to both past and present currency.

Bicycles and Skateboards:

Urban areas near parks and recreational water bodies in Colorado frequently reveal discarded bicycles and skateboards. Uncovering these items adds an urban flair to magnet fishing expeditions, sparking curiosity about the stories behind their abandonment.

Metal Scraps:

Nails, screws, bottle caps, and other bits of metal are common finds, reflecting both human activities and occasional debris from construction projects. The eclectic mix of metal scraps provides a glimpse into the industrial aspects of Colorado’s urban and rural environments.

Mining Equipment:

Colorado’s rich mining history comes to the forefront during magnet fishing expeditions, with enthusiasts discovering old mining equipment like picks, metal buckets, and even gold pans. These finds offer a tangible link to the state’s past as a hub for mining activities.

Historical Artifacts:

Magnet fishers in Colorado often unearth historical artifacts such as old railroad spikes, tools, and other metal objects. These relics provide a window into the past, offering a tangible connection to the state’s industrial and transportation history.


In some instances, magnet fishers in Colorado have pulled up knives and occasionally firearms. Responsible reporting to authorities is emphasized, underlining the importance of safety and adherence to legal protocols when encountering potentially sensitive items.

Automotive Parts:

Various car and motorcycle parts, including license plates, exhaust pipes, and engine components, find their way into Colorado’s water bodies. These discoveries contribute to the state’s automotive history, showcasing the remnants of vehicles from different eras.


Rings, necklaces, and bracelets, both ordinary and potentially valuable, have been discovered during magnet fishing expeditions in Colorado. These findings add a personal touch to the underwater landscape, hinting at stories of loss or abandonment.


Legal and Safety Considerations:

Colorado’s magnet fishing experience is not without precautions. Enthusiasts are advised to wear gloves, use strong magnets, and, most importantly, familiarize themselves with local and state laws to ensure that magnet fishing is permitted in their chosen locations. As Colorado proves to be a magnet fishing treasure trove, offering a variety of locations to suit every skill level and preference, it beckons adventurers to explore its waters and unearth the hidden treasures that lie beneath the surface. So, gear up, gather your friends, and dive into the exhilarating world of magnet fishing in the picturesque Centennial State.


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