Magnet Fishing In Idaho

Magnet fishing, a pastime that entails exploring bodies of water with a powerful magnet to discover items, often navigates the nuanced landscape of legal considerations. Undertaking this activity in Idaho requires a discerning understanding of local laws and regulations, which can exhibit variability across different regions. It is vital to stay well-informed about any specific restrictions or permits applicable to the particular area where you intend to partake in magnet fishing.

For the most precise and current information, it is advisable to consult with local authorities, such as the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, or engage with local law enforcement agencies. These entities are well-positioned to furnish details on any relevant regulations or restrictions associated with magnet fishing in Idaho. Seeking guidance from these authorities ensures a legal and enjoyable magnet fishing experience, aligning with the distinctive regulations governing the state’s aquatic environments.

Best Places to Magnet Fish in Alabama

Snake River (Multiple Locations):

The Snake River, meandering through the diverse landscapes of Idaho, offers magnet fishing enthusiasts a wide range of exploration. Whether near Boise, Twin Falls, or Idaho Falls, each section of the river presents a unique magnet fishing experience. Enthusiasts can cast their magnets into the Snake River’s waters, uncovering artifacts that may reflect the history and culture of the areas along its banks.

Boise River (Boise):

The Boise River, gracefully winding through the heart of Idaho’s capital, becomes a magnet fishing haven for those seeking hidden treasures. Explore the riverbanks near parks, bridges, and popular fishing spots in Boise, casting your magnet into the waters to discover potential relics that weave a story of the city’s development and past.

Coeur d’Alene Lake (Coeur d’Alene):

Coeur d’Alene Lake, nestled in the northern reaches of Idaho, offers magnet fishing enthusiasts a serene yet exciting adventure. Explore the shores, docks, and fishing areas around this expansive lake, where each magnetic pull may reveal artifacts against the backdrop of the lake’s pristine beauty and surrounding landscapes.

Clearwater River (Orofino):

The Clearwater River near Orofino provides a magnet fishing experience surrounded by the natural beauty of the Clearwater National Forest. Enthusiasts can explore the riverbanks and popular fishing spots, casting their magnets into the waters to potentially uncover artifacts that tell tales of Idaho’s wilderness and waterways.

American Falls Reservoir (American Falls):

American Falls Reservoir, situated in southeast Idaho, becomes a magnet fishing destination against the vast expanse of the Snake River Plain. Explore the reservoir’s shores and designated fishing areas, casting your magnet to uncover potential relics in this scenic reservoir setting.

Payette River (Cascade):

The Payette River near Cascade offers magnet fishing enthusiasts a blend of adventure and scenery. Explore the riverbanks and fishing areas, casting your magnet into the waters surrounded by the beauty of the Payette National Forest. Each magnetic pull may yield artifacts that resonate with the region’s natural charm.

Lake Pend Oreille (Sandpoint):

Lake Pend Oreille, near Sandpoint in Idaho’s northern Panhandle, provides a magnet fishing experience amidst stunning landscapes. Explore the shores and fishing piers around the state’s largest lake, uncovering potential treasures against the backdrop of mountainous terrain and pristine waters.

Henrys Lake (Island Park):

Henrys Lake, near Island Park, offers magnet fishing enthusiasts an opportunity to explore a mountain lake setting. Explore the lake’s shores and designated fishing spots, casting your magnet into the clear waters surrounded by the tranquility of the surrounding wilderness in this picturesque part of Idaho.

Dworshak Reservoir (Orofino):

Dworshak Reservoir, near Orofino, becomes a magnet fishing haven amidst the expansive Clearwater National Forest. Explore the reservoir’s shores and accessible areas, casting your magnet to potentially unearth artifacts against the backdrop of forested hills and clear waters.

Salmon River (Riggins):

The Salmon River, flowing through the mountains near Riggins, offers a magnet fishing experience in the heart of Idaho’s Salmon River Mountains. Explore the riverbanks and popular fishing spots, casting your magnet into the waters to discover potential relics amidst the rugged beauty of this iconic Idaho river.


Magnet Fishing Finds in Alabama 


In 2020, an Idaho Falls magnet fisherman made a startling discovery – a loaded handgun in a local pond. This finding emphasizes the unpredictability of magnet fishing and serves as a reminder of the responsibility that comes with unearthing potentially dangerous items.

Fishing Gear:

Idaho’s lakes and rivers harbor a variety of fishing gear, with magnet fishers pulling up lures, hooks, and sinkers during their expeditions. These everyday items offer a connection to the recreational activities enjoyed by those who once cast their lines into the state’s waters.

Bicycle Parts:

A group of magnet fishers in Boise, 2019, unraveled history from the Boise River’s depths. Rusted bicycle parts, including frames and wheels, emerged, providing a tangible link to the city’s past modes of transportation.

Scrap Metal:

Idaho’s magnet fishers often report uncovering an assortment of scrap metal – from old tools to car parts. These miscellaneous metal objects narrate stories of bygone eras, construction projects, and the evolution of transportation.

Personal Items:

In the watery depths of Idaho’s bodies of water, magnet fishers have discovered personal items like keys, wallets, and jewelry. These lost or discarded possessions add a touch of humanity to the underwater landscape, reflecting the moments when these items slipped from grasp and disappeared beneath the waves.

Old Coins:

Lakes and rivers throughout Idaho cradle an array of old coins, including wheat pennies and silver coins. Each coin tells a tale of economic history, providing a tangible link to the currency used in different eras.


In 2021, a magnet fisher in Boise struck gold—quite literally—finding a gold ring while exploring a local river. This discovery adds a touch of glamour to the often rustic finds associated with magnet fishing.

Historical Artifacts:

Idaho’s waters hide remnants of historical events, with magnet fishers unearthing artifacts like old bullets and musket balls. These discoveries offer a glimpse into the state’s past, hinting at battles and conflicts that once played out along its shores.

Car Parts:

From old license plates to rusty car frames, magnet fishers in Idaho frequently report finding car parts submerged in rivers and lakes. Each discovery contributes to Idaho’s automotive history, showcasing the remnants of vehicles from different eras.

Construction Debris:

Construction debris, including screws, nails, and bolts, makes its way into Idaho’s bodies of water near construction sites. Magnet fishers act as inadvertent historians, revealing traces of the state’s ongoing development and infrastructure projects.


Legal and Safety Considerations 

While magnet fishing in Idaho promises adventure and unexpected finds, enthusiasts must be aware of legal considerations. Checking local laws and regulations is crucial, as not all areas permit this activity. Responsible handling of discoveries and reporting potentially dangerous or illegal items to authorities ensures that magnet fishing remains an engaging yet respectful pursuit in Idaho’s aquatic realm. So, with a trusty magnet in hand, venture into the waters of Idaho, ready to unravel the hidden treasures that await beneath the tranquil surface.

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