Magnet Fishing In Iowa

Magnet fishing, a pursuit that often dwells in the ambiguous realm of the law, involves the exploration of bodies of water using a robust magnet to uncover items. Engaging in this activity in Iowa requires a comprehensive understanding of the local laws and regulations, which may exhibit variations across different regions. It is crucial to remain well-informed about any specific restrictions or permits applicable to the particular area where you plan to partake in magnet fishing.

For the most precise and current information, it is advisable to consult with local authorities, such as the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, or connect with local law enforcement agencies. These entities are well-positioned to provide details on any pertinent regulations or restrictions associated with magnet fishing in Iowa. Seeking guidance from these authorities ensures a legal and enjoyable magnet fishing experience, aligning with the unique regulations that govern the state’s aquatic environments.


Best Places to Magnet Fish in Iowa 

Mississippi River (Multiple Locations):

The majestic Mississippi River, forming Iowa’s eastern border, unfolds a tapestry of magnet fishing opportunities. Explore sections near Dubuque or Davenport, immersing yourself in the historical ambiance of riverbanks that have witnessed centuries of activity. Each magnetic pull may yield relics reflecting the rich cultural and industrial heritage of the region.

Des Moines River (Multiple Locations):

The Des Moines River, meandering through central Iowa, offers magnet fishing possibilities amidst picturesque landscapes. Explore areas near Des Moines or Fort Dodge, casting your magnet into the waters that mirror the evolving story of Iowa. Uncover artifacts that may bridge the past and present along this scenic river.

Coralville Lake (Coralville):

Nestled on the Iowa River, Coralville Lake provides a serene backdrop for magnet fishing enthusiasts. Explore the shores of this reservoir near Coralville, casting your magnet into the waters surrounded by natural beauty. Each magnetic pull may reveal items that echo the outdoor charm of Coralville Lake.

Clear Lake (Clear Lake):

Clear Lake in north-central Iowa invites magnet fishing enthusiasts to explore its shores and fishing spots. Discover the tranquil beauty of the lake within Clear Lake State Park as you cast your magnet, potentially uncovering relics that weave a narrative of recreation and nature in this scenic part of Iowa.

Raccoon River (Multiple Locations):

The Raccoon River, winding through central Iowa, provides a diverse magnet fishing experience. Explore sections near Des Moines or West Des Moines, where urban and natural elements converge. Each magnetic pull may reveal artifacts that tell stories of both the river’s history and its modern surroundings.

Saylorville Lake (Des Moines):

Saylorville Lake on the Des Moines River is a magnet fishing destination surrounded by recreational possibilities. Explore the shores and designated fishing areas near Des Moines, casting your magnet into the reservoir’s waters. Discover relics against the backdrop of Saylorville Lake Recreation Area’s natural allure.

Iowa River (Multiple Locations):

The Iowa River, meandering through different parts of the state, beckons magnet fishing exploration. Explore sections near Iowa City or Marshalltown, casting your magnet into the waters that reflect the river’s role in shaping Iowa’s landscapes. Each pull may uncover artifacts with connections to the river’s past.

Turkey River (Elkader):

The Turkey River, nestled in northeastern Iowa near Elkader, becomes a magnet fishing haven. Explore the riverbanks and accessible points for potential finds against the scenic backdrop of this charming area. Each magnetic pull may reveal items that resonate with the natural beauty of the Turkey River.

Cedar River (Multiple Locations):

The Cedar River, flowing through eastern Iowa, invites magnet fishing enthusiasts to explore its banks and popular fishing spots. Venture near Cedar Rapids or Waterloo, where the river weaves through urban and natural landscapes. Each magnetic pull may unveil artifacts reflecting the region’s dynamic history.

Wapsipinicon River (Independence):

The Wapsipinicon River, winding through northeastern Iowa near Independence, offers magnet fishing opportunities in a tranquil setting. Explore the riverbanks and fishing spots, casting your magnet into the waters amidst the natural beauty of this region. Each pull may bring forth items that tell stories of the Wapsipinicon River’s serene landscapes.


Magnet Fishing Finds in Iowa


Coins, with their rich stories and historical significance, are common discoveries in Iowa’s water bodies. From modern currency to old coins like wheat pennies, each metallic glint beneath the surface connects magnet fishers to the economic tapestry of the past.


The waters of Iowa cradle lost jewelry waiting to be rediscovered. Delicate necklaces, shiny rings, and perhaps even antique pieces surface with the help of a magnetic pull. These treasures tell tales of moments when these adornments slipped away, adding a touch of elegance to the magnet fishing experience.


Lost keys, often overlooked and forgotten, resurface during magnet fishing expeditions in Iowa. Each key tells a story – perhaps a misplaced home key, a forgotten car key, or an artifact from a bygone era, offering a glimpse into the lives of those who once frequented the water’s edge.

Other Metal Objects:

Beyond the expected, magnet fishers in Iowa often encounter an array of other metal objects. From discarded tools to mysterious metal shapes, each find contributes to the eclectic mix of items waiting to be unveiled beneath the water’s surface.

Rare and Valuable Finds:

With a touch of luck, Iowa’s waters might yield something rare or valuable. Enthusiasts have reported discovering unique items that add an extra layer of excitement to the magnetic adventure. The unpredictability of what might emerge keeps magnet fishing in Iowa an intriguing and unpredictable pursuit.

Industrial Artifacts:

The remnants of Iowa’s industrial past emerge from the depths during magnet fishing expeditions. Old tools, machinery parts, and industrial artifacts provide a tangible link to the state’s evolution, showcasing its transformation through various periods of development.

Nature’s Surprises:

Nature often adds its own surprises to the mix. Unique rocks, shells, and perhaps even fossils may make an appearance during magnet fishing in Iowa, adding a touch of the state’s natural wonders to the adventure.

Environmental Awareness:

While the thrill of discovery is paramount, magnet fishers in Iowa must also be mindful of environmental considerations. Preserving the delicate ecosystems and adhering to local regulations ensures that the activity remains an enjoyable and sustainable pursuit.


Legal and Safety Considerations 

Responsible handling of finds is crucial. Items discovered during magnet fishing should be treated with care, and any potentially hazardous or illegal items should be reported to the appropriate authorities. This responsibility ensures that the hobby remains safe and respectful to the environment and local laws.

Magnet fishing in Iowa goes beyond individual discoveries; it fosters a sense of community among enthusiasts. Shared stories of finds, tips for successful expeditions, and a shared passion for uncovering hidden treasures create a network of magnet fishers who contribute to the collective exploration of Iowa’s aquatic secrets.

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